Our Story 

In the 30 plus years we've been married, we've talked about opening some sort of a business. Kirk is a woodworker and has a real artistic talent that has to be genetic, and I have worked in the medical field for... lets just say too long! When our daughter was planning her wedding, she wanted a unique open bar to serve beer and a signature cocktail. We had a great time figuring out how to convert an old covered wagon into a fun bar. It was a total success! We received lots of compliments and people loved the concept. That bar then led to the making of a juke joint style bar in our backyard, which we named The Thirst and Howl. We invited our friends over for tail gates and gatherings and along the way we both fell in love with hosting friends and family, serving beer on tap, creating cocktails, and having memorable conversations with good food. After a year or so of enjoying our backyard bar, we realized that life was quickly passing by. We thought to ourselves, "What the heck were we waiting for? We're only getting older, so we've got to do this!" 

And so we did. We built Last Call.